One of the keys to making a room sparkle and warm is the careful combination of colours and patterns. Anything from window treatments to upholstery must be mixed and matched perfectly to achieve the look you're looking for and the ambience you want. 

B&R Textiles is here to help you find the best fabrics for your room.


Our Services

We supply everything you may want from a vast range of designer fabrics and wall coverings in different sizes and colours. Prices are set at the most reasonable level, making fabrics from B&R Textiles highly affordable even when you have a relatively limited budget. Be sure to ask us for our discounts and special offers to get the latest and greatest fabrics for less.


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Designer Fabric Brands

We supply products from top designer fabric brands. Gorgeous items with immensely beautiful colours and patterns are the things you can expect as you browse through samples during a search for the perfect fabrics for your room.

Top brands including Harlequin Fabrics, Clarke and Clarke, Romo Fabrics, Sandersons, Osbourne and Little, GP and J Bakers, Linwood Fabrics, Malabar, Voyage and Zofffany are all partners with B&R Textiles, giving us the ability to supply you with nothing less than the best materials and designs on the market.


Added Services

We can organise samples according to your needs and personal preferences. Our interior design specialists can also help you select the most suitable colours and patterns to mix and match based on the look you are going for. 

Aside from fabrics for upholstery and window treatments, we also supply the best linings and interlinings on the market. It is very easy to select every element you need for your room when browsing through our ranges. You will also find a wealth of soft furnishing accessories 


Attention to Detail

It is our job to pay meticulous attention to detail so you don't have to. We understand how different fabrics offer different characteristics and benefits to a room. We also know how colours and patterns can produce different effects.

All you need to do is tell us the kind of ambience and look you want to achieve and we will do all the hard work for you. Let us organise suitable fabrics and accessories into a comprehensive range of samples and build you a mood board to leave you free to deal with any other aspects of the interior design you would like to get involved with.

We have a team of experts that will guide you through the process of selecting fabrics, linings and accessories for your room. If you are working on the interior design of multiple rooms, we can also advise you on how to create a seamless transition and a truly warm and enjoyable ambience throughout your property.


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